God.  People.  Nature.  Art.  Wisdom.  Worship.

For a while, I liked to think of that as my tagline.  But as I learn and grow, I just keep wanting to add words to that set.  So how about this:  My passion is telling the truth – not just what is sensational – about what is happening in the world, through the lens of God’s love for all people and His commission to us to care for others and spread the Gospel.

Is that helpful?  Maybe it isn’t specific enough.  Let’s try this one:

My name is Claire, and I’m a young professional (or something like that) who recently completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Writing.  I hand-crafted the degree based on my passion for both real, true storytelling and authentic communication within organizations.  My goal is to spend as much of my life as possible seeking to improve communication in relief, rehabilitation, and/or development-focused organizations around the world.  This applies to cultural communication barriers, organizational jargon, and clear representation of on-the-ground need with consideration to native culture and long-term impact.

Confused yet?

That’s okay.  Hello anyway, and WELCOME!  My goal on this blog isn’t to overwhelm you with words.  Not those kinds of words, at least.  My goal here is to just tell stories.  Stories of the connections I have made with other humans throughout my travels thus far, and stories of the lessons I am learning through those connections.  So please, sit down, relax, enjoy a cup of your favorite tea, and wander with me through some interesting adventures, interactions, observations, lessons, and even a few tough questions.

In May, that was in the context of meeting refugees in Amman, Jordan.  That was a study abroad trip for my final undergraduate class.  Under a fantastic instructor and the hopes of learning something about storytelling, we took a two-week quest to meet these people where they were and hear their stories firsthand.  It was amazing.

And now that I’m home from Jordan, it’s time for the job search.  I’m excited to see where God takes me and this ‘collection’ next.

Thanks for reading!


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