Reflecting, in a way

It’s been about a week since I left Jordan.

That time has been full of activity, and I’ll admit that even when I was in Jordan I was extremely busy, so maybe post-Jordan thoughts still haven’t been fully processed.  But I do miss it.  I miss a lot of things and people that I learned to love in those short two weeks.  I don’t want to stop missing it, either.

Yesterday, a friend asked me this question:  “What do you want people to ask you post-Jordan?”

I think maybe that’s the best question I could be asked, because it’s essentially an invitation to talk about what Jordan really was for me, and not what someone thinks it might have been.

So, in answer to her question, I offered these thoughts:

Ask me about the people I met.  About whether or not they are friendly.  About the hospitality or the laughter or the ways language was not a barrier.

Ask me about my team and the work we did together.  About what it was like to partner with Global Hope Network, Intl.  About the conversations we had or the friendships we built.

Ask me about the refugee visits.  About my reaction to being in their homes.  About their stories and what they wanted me to share with the world.

And finally, ask me about my response.  What am I going to do with what I learned?  How will I react?  Will I go back?  I may not have that answer yet, but I’ll be working on it.

So I guess the way I most want to keep reflecting is by continuing to ask questions of myself.  Maybe that means wrestling with hard topics for a while.  Maybe that means some emotional discomfort.  Maybe – probably – that’s not such a bad thing.

I think if I wasn’t a little restless after everything I saw and did and heard, there would be something very wrong.

I am called to care.  I choose to care.  I have cared, I do care, and I will continue to care.

It may look different from one chapter to the next, but I’m committed to not letting it stop.

So what am I doing about it, for now?  I’m not forgetting.


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  1. Claire, thank you for sharing your reflections. I understand that you’ve been in London during yesterday’s terrorist attack. We understand from your parents that you’re safe, for which we thank God as we pray for your continued safety. We also thank God for your deepening insight, and your willingness to share.


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