Like Little Children

The past several days have been a blur.

Talking with refugees in their homes, accepting their amazing hospitality, meeting their beautiful children, hearing their heartbreaking stories . . . it gets exhausting.  But that doesn’t mean it’s bad.  In fact, this is quickly becoming one of the best experiences of my life.  I’m learning so much in this short time, and I’m so excited to work through those lessons more deeply later.  For now, though, time forces me to be content with sharing one of the highlights of our time thus far:  Refugee children.

Every family we visit has children, whether they’re infants or teenagers.  The young children are such a source of joy, maybe because they haven’t yet come to understand the tragedy in their lives.  The teens are a little hole in my heart because I meet them and think about how our situations could so easily be swapped.  Why was I born in the U.S.?  Why was Lana born in Syria?

But no matter what, all the parents say the same thing.  Everything they do is for their children.  All they want is for their children to have a better future.  To have safety and security and happiness and a chance.  I’ll be praying for that.  But in the meantime, I want to share a few photos that remind me there is hope, and it comes directly from those children.  They have joy to share with us, if we would just take the time to notice it.




Trying to open the bubbles.


Coloring fun.



We are all the same, really.  We all need relationships and we all need a little fun in our lives.  If we couldn’t laugh, where would we be?

I’m thankful that those in the ditches of life still know how important it is to have joy.  I’m thankful for the children who remind us to choose laughter over weeping.  I’m thankful for the opportunity we all have to follow their lead.  Let’s be like little children.


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  1. Claire, it sounds like you are having an eye-opening experience. I’m struck by your statement, “The teens are a little hole in my heart because I meet them and think about how our situations could so easily be swapped.” It’s a great reminder that blessings are to be shared, not hoarded.


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